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Mind Dump 01-01-08

  • Jim Wideman shares on how he spoils those he leads…"A great goal for the New Year is to purpose in your heart to spoil your volunteers outside their classrooms as well as in. You’ve heard me say this before, you gain those you serve. It’s a spiritual law. Christ Jesus came to serve not to be served." read more
  • Is your organization pro or anti learning? "A simple diagnostic can help you assess your organization and your leadership team’s orientation to learning. Examine characteristics of cultures that encourage or block learning to see how well you’re fostering an environment where everyone continuously learns and applies what they learn faster." read more
  • Wordsworth raps about leadership? "English poet, William Wordsworth (1770-1850) wrote in the 1815 edition of his works, what has become a famous preface simply entitled, Preface to Poems. He begins by listing the six “powers requisite for the production of poetry.” Interestingly enough, they make a good list of qualities relating to the practice of leadership." read more
  • A list of groovy leadership books from 2007…"The Leading blog has published their selection of the Best Leadership Books of 2007. I’ve looked through various lists of top business and leadership book for 2007 and this was one of the best lists I could find." read more
  • The difference between vision and strategy…"When you’re trying to motivate the people you lead, motivate them with the vision, not the strategy." read more
  • Can praise increase performance…"According to an article published by Carol Dweck in the journal Educational Leadership, the type of praise students get is very much a factor in how they view their intelligence. And, how students view their intelligence is very much connected to their academic performance over time." read more
  • So would you take the advice of a dumb little man on how to be a powerful leader? maybe so…"You don’t have to be in a position of authority to be a leader. Conversely, just because you have authority doesn’t mean that people will follow you. You must be a leader to get others to follow you. There are many books on leadership. They can have lots of great examples and in-depth explanations, but sometimes you just need something simple to help you focus on the essentials. This article intends to do just that. These are the habits that will help you and your team achieve great things if you focus on them." read more


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