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Blogs I Actually Read-Gluten-Free Girl


I made my version of this yesterday and boy it was good…anyway check out this elegant well written blog at your earliest convenience.

Gluten-Free Girl by Shauna James Ahern: “The joy of this recipe is that you can make it in a dozen different ways. If you want to take the time to make your own homemade corn tortillas, or braise some Rancho Gordo beans in leaf lard, or find some authentic chorizo to spice up the meat mix, you’re going to have an extraordinary meal in your hands.

Or, if you’re pressed for time, as we were that morning, you can also make it fast. Good refried beans out of a can (the kind that squelch when you stick in the spoon). Ground beef from the grocery store. Cheddar cheese and Monterey jack released from plastic wrappers. Even those black olives already sliced, in a can. Fresher is better, of course. But this one still tasted pretty damned good.”

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