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clutter and quality of life…


We moved about six months ago from a home we had rented to brand new house of our own and that transition was very traumatic, I think we ended up throwing and giving away more than half the stuff we owned. The house we moved into was actually larger than our old place, but I found out quickly that our new life in the new space would be hindered by trying to drag around that old mountain of stuff.

Sometimes we can distract and self medicate ourselves with our stuff…be it email, furniture or endless to do lists. So the bottom line has to be, is all this stuff going to take us where we want to be?

This is a great quote I found on Merlins blog, “What is your vision for the life you want to live, and do your life choices reflect that vision? Specifically: Is your home a space for the life you want?”. If your stuff (digital or material) is not taking you into your wealthy place then it’s clutter, just another useless obstacle that must be ruthlessly removed from your life.

I remember on moving day looking at the huge rented dumpster that sat in our driveway and it was filled to overflowing with what had been a big part of my life up to that point, and it felt to good to be free from all that stuff.

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