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Morning Meditation:Who’s Church Is It?


photo by brett wagner

This  isn’t my Church, I just work here…sometimes we can let our emotions get in the way of what the Lord is trying to do. I can’t let myself get attached to any assignment, title or way of doing things because this is not my Church, I just work here. 

The Church belongs to Jesus Christ. The real question is, “Will I set aside my personal preferences in order to see the body of Christ grow and mature, reaching the lost in our community and building the kingdom worldwide?” If I am unwilling to set aside my personal preferences, that attitude will transform into an ugly, evil sense of entitlement, which will lead me to get rid of anyone I disagree with. (via clayton king)

If it’s my Church then this thing is going to have to be sustain by the power of my personality and a lot of hard work. If this is His Church then I can rely on His grace and unlimited provision…

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