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My 54 Days With Pastor James…

Photo 40 by you.

My wife went back to work this week after being on maternity for some time now. Because the Lord has blessed me with a job that I can work from home I'm now my 54 day old sons primary caregiver during the day.

James though very young is extremely serious and during those few hour a day that he's awake he'll spend most of that time staring at me like I owe him money.

Our first day alone together was rather intense, I found myself melting under the pressure to get his bottles to him in a timely fashion. His cries accused me, his steely gaze looked through me, I went to bed that night a broken and humbled man.

But after a few days I'm started to get in sync with him and learning to interpret his many facial expressions. Ok this one means I got gas, this one means I'm tired please rock me to sleep kind sir, this one means dude I'm hungry please insert bottle into my pie hole.

Of course being primarily a preacher, living with 54 day old gives one a wealth of preaching material. For example, when he is on level 3 crying because he's hungry and hasn't gotten his bottle yet, I'm in the kitchen working to meet his need, but because of the level of his maturity he can only focus on himself and how he feels. But if he would only stop crying and open his eyes he would see me working on his behalf.

Matthew 7:11 (Amplified Bible)

11If you then, evil as you are, know how to give good and advantageous gifts to your children, how much more will your Father Who is in heaven [perfect as He is] give good and [b]advantageous things to those who [c]keep on asking Him!

Thinking about how much I love this boy and how important meeting his needs is to me, it always make me think of my heavenly Father and much greater His capacity to love is and how much greater His resources are.

It would be very interesting if we would focus less on our own need and more on Him…what would we see.


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