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The Day After 09-14-09

We rolled into the Fort Mason Center about a quarter to 10 and went upstairs and setup the room.

Michelle did the welcome and led us in praise and worship.

I sensed the power of God as soon as I got up to preach and the anointing level stayed high throughout the whole message.

At the end of my sermon I turn it completely over to the Holy Ghost and the gift of prophecy started to operate in the service.

But the key to the whole day was just the active presence of the grace of God. The inner peace of knowing that your at the right place, at the right time doing the right thing. Knowing that you were not alone and had help from the Lord.

Ministry is easy if you can trust in God and rely absolutely on His grace.

Limit yourself to doing only that which that has commanded, then all the works of your hands will be blessed.

Many people joined the Church.


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