Tweet Of The Day 06.11.12

“When Spirit-filled Pastors pattern their churches after non Spirit-filled Pastors they will soon have no demonstration of the Holy Spirit!!”

Mark Hankins (@markhankins1123)


Keep Your Latte Warm And Computer Dry…

I bought one of these bad boys after I got my MacBook Pro…

We love a good insulated travel mug, especially when the mercury starts to drop. This auto-sealing mug from Contigo keeps our warm beverage close by and ensures you don’t spill it on your lap when driving or your keyboard while working.

Pastor Hacks-Praying And Obeying

After praying about and reviewing all my website options I didn’t have much peace about any of them.

So one day it just came to me, use the Typepad account you already have and create a basic website.

So I did that and 30 minutes later I had a basic site that told people who we are, what we believe, where we meet and included the typical goofy head shot of the Pastor.

For 5 bucks a month we got our own domain name and web hosting. Which includes IMAP email. I’m using Google Voice for our Church phone and voice mail system.

The point is I could have spent many hours and thousands of dollars or I could just pray and do what the Holy Ghost says to do.

The Holy Spirit knows what you have to work with and He knows what skills you have. If you’ll just listen to Him He’ll hook you up.

When you pray and obey, the grace will be there to get the job done…

Pastor Hack # 1 pray and obey

Shutting Out All The Noise…


image by yow long lee

I think to be effective in life we all really need filters to keep the distractions to a allowable minimum. Social media by it’s nature can devolve into a magnificent time suck that can overwhelm you with minutia.

Goodbye to those who follow everybody back but use 3rd party systems like Tweetdeck to “filter out” the people they don’t really want to see. I’m not interested in being a placeholder for you anymore. Why not publicly own up about who you find valuable? Do that and we won’t even need #followfriday anymore! All I’ll have to do is check out the people you’re following to see who you endorse. Isn’t that a cool idea? (via seth simonds)

At the moment I’m a practitioner of anti-social networking which means that if the noise your producing doesn’t add value to my life you get cut off.

How do you keep from getting overwhelmed by the new media din?


originally posted on geeks guide to productivity